Sunday, October 10, 2010

Culinary hide-and-seek: fisk&gröönsaken

It all started with an article in a magazine about supper clubs. For those of you who have never heard the term before: supper clubs are dinners prepared by skilled foodies in private homes. The menu is published in blogs, the location is secret and seats are limited. Ever since I read about them, I wanted to visit a supper club. The first one I learned about was Palisaden Supper Club and for about 6 months, I tried to make it to one of their evenings. Bad luck was on my side though, since it just so happened that every time they had one of their monthly dinners, I couldn't make it. Sometimes, I was out of town, sometimes I was busy, well you get the point. Before I had the chance to make it, Palisaden Supper Club went public and opened a restaurant, taking away all the hide-and-seek fun! So I started to look around some more and that's when I found Fisk&Gröönsaken! This time, luck was on my side, since I was able to snatch their last available place for their "Asian Delight" dinner on 2nd October. I was getting excited when two days before the actual dinner, I learned where the dinner would be.
On Saturday, I headed for the location, full of anticipation, but also a little bit worried: what if there was nothing to talk about? An evening of stony silence? What if I didn't like the food? What...if? 
When I got to the front door, I was warmly welcomed by Mrs. Fisk&Gröönsaken and immediately got the feeling, that this would become an evening to remember, so I left my worries at the door. 
All the other guests (there were a total of six, two more just didn't show up, quite rude, I think considering all the care put into the evening by our hosts) had already arrived and we were all seated at one long table, which had been nicely decorated with flowers. While sipping at our aperitif, a nice Prosecco from Venetia, we all got to know each other. The average guest had southern German roots, had travlled the world considerably before finally settling in Berlin. 
The menu had alreday been published on Fisk&Gröönsaken's blog, so we knew what to expect, but to begin with we were surprised with a very refreshing and light Green Papaya Salad. It was the perfect start, and I especially liked the fact that for those who like it spicy, extra strong chilly vinaigrette was served on the side. That way, sissies like me didn't have to suffer from severe chilly-burning. 

courtesy and copyright of Fisk&Gröönsaken

Next we had a really tasty bouillon, served with prawns. Equally delicious and let me already say at this point that the portions served were perfect! They were neither to small, nor too big, they simply fitted perfectly into a several-course menu, very professional I must say!

Mrs. Fisk&Gröönsaken made sure that all the guests felt happy and also made sure that all our glasses -water and wine- were always filled, if we so wished. The service was impecable, and if Mr. and Mrs. Fisk&Gröönsaken might have had some busy and stressful moments in the kitchen - the guest did not notice anything!

Next on the menu was the main course: Stuffed Calamari with Thai-style Vegetables. The Calamari was stuffed with wolffish, and again, what can I say, it just simply tasted great. I had eaten Calamari before, but that was a very long time ago, and it certainly ain't a dish which you prepare only for yourself, so I was especially glad to have someone else prepare it for me!

courtesy and copyright of Fisk&Gröönsaken

Last but not least: the dessert! One word: sticky rice! Ever since I had sticky rice the first time in China town in New York I fell in love with it. This time, however, it was the sweet version, prepared with coconut milk and served with mango and home-made coconut icecream. The idea to visually spice up the dish by using both brown rice and white rice was brilliant, it also added some crunchyness to the rice.

 courtesy and copyright of Fisk&Gröönsaken

During the dessert Mrs. and Mr. Fisk&Gröönsaken  joined us at the table, and while we enjoyed tea, espresso and some more of the delicious choices of wine we chatted away several hours, all feeling as happy as well-fed little pigglets! Thanks again, Mrs. and Mr. Fisk&Gröönsaken for a warm welcome, a delicious meal and and evening full of laughter and joy! Supper Clubs are sometimes also called secret restaurants, although I clearly prefer the first term: The atmosphere is so much homier at supper clubs than at restaurants!
So, my dear readers, make sure to book your seat now! I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Two of the dear guests, Mrs. and Mr. Thyme are also hosts of their very own supper club and I can't wait to have dinner at their place! So stay tuned for some more covering on Berlin's undercover foodie-community! And also for the apple pie recipe which I promised in last week's post...

And just in case you think that I am gushing too much about Fisk&Gröönsaken, you can also check this and this review, but I warn you, they are equally euphoric!

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  1. Yes it was a perfect evening with delicious food, excellent wine and very entertaining and interesting conversations. Was very nice meeting you there!