Saturday, September 18, 2010

French potato salad with Stremellachs

Mesdames et messieurs, today's post is international. It is a dish which I got to know and love in Sweden, but its main component is called French potato salad. Why that is so, je ne sais pas. I have never eaten potato salad in France, and I really really have no clue why this kind of potato salad which I would call Swedish in Sweden is called French. Maybe it is because the salad tastes so good that it can only be French haute cuisine... In any case, the most important thing is that you use really tiny tiny round new potatoes which you only get around this time of the year. 
In Sweden, French potato salad is usually the side dish eaten with varmrökt lax, warm-smoked salmon, which I think is the best way of eating salmon. In Berlin, varmrökt lax is called Stremellachs, as the filet of salmon is cut into small "Stremel", stripes that is, before it is smoked. For me it has almost become a tradition to buy a slice at the market every weekend....Since I had a ripe avocado lying around which had to be eaten, I also added some guacamole as a dip. It goes well together with the salmon, but it's no essential ingredient.

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French potato salad

one handful of small potatoes per person
one tbs of capers per person
one small red onion
salt, pepper
olive oil
white wine vinegar

Thouroughly rinse the potatoes. You will eat the peel as well, so make sure they are free from soil. In a pot, bring the potatoes to a boil. Let them simmer until they are soft. As they are tiny, this won't take very long, maybe about 10 minutes. In the meantime, cut the red onion into very small cubes. In a bowl, mix 2 tbs of oil with one tbs of the vinegar, add some honey, some pepper and salt, the diced onion and one tbs of capers. Mix thoroughly, then add the hot potatoes. Serve the salad luke warm, next to the cold Stremellachs. 
Voilà Bon appetit!
I love this dish not only but especially on warm late summer, early autum evenings!


  1. That sounds fine.We prefer original swedish potatoes because to us they are the best and we know a very kind importer!!But you have to trie the swabian potato salad of our friend Inge , it ´s also delicious .

  2. Nice pictures! Especially like that salmon, which market was this now? I am going to go and google "schlachplatten" now!

  3. Googled it, ya it's a bit on the heavy side, you could say....

  4. @foodie in Berlin: I just discovered a new market on saturdays in Seelower Str., Prenzlauer Berg. It is very small, but has everything I need and two really great organic farmers are present (one of them even sells heirloom tomatoes!!). But you can get the Stremellachs at all the big markets, such as the Kollwitz-market (great variety, but very crowded)or the market on Winterfeldplatz same here, a classic among the markets of Berlin, but crowded and a bit on the pricy side!).