Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pistachio Salad

One thing I remembered from earlier trips to California was the food stalls along the road selling all different kinds of nuts. This time, I almost had to wait to the very last day though, to buy some pistachios. Finally, driving North of San Francisco on our way to Stinson beach, I saw a stall and since it was late, they were already packing up. But I stopped the car immediately, jumped out, and wanted to buy a huge bag of pistachios. Only then did I realize that all the cash I had left was 7 dollars - and the bag was 8 dollars! Luckily, the seller was nice enough to sell the bag for 7 dollars! So, far this sounds like a bargain, right?? Well, so far it is. BUT this bag of pistachios meant that we had  just spent our last cash, which brougth us into real trouble when we wanted to cross the Golden Gate Bridge again, southbound, heading into the city. Why on earth can't you pay the toll for the Golden Gate Bridge with your credit card? I am still really mad when I think about it. Oh well, of course we were allowed to cross, but we will end up paying 6 dollars plus the 25 dollar fine for passing the bridge without paying as soon as we'll receive the violation-letter! So, in the end, it was the pistachios' fault, which makes them anything but a bargain! Nevertheless, they are delicious, and incorporated into this light, summerly salad, they bring back memories of a wonderful vacation!

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Pistachio salad

1 chicken filet
1 apricot
1 plum
20 gr of salted pistachios
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
1 table spoon of heavy cream
sugar, salt and pepper

Chop the chicken filet into small pieces and fry them in a pan. Season with salt and pepper. Cut the apricot and the plum into small dices. Wash the lettuce. Mix one table spoon of olive oil, one table spoon of balsamic vinegar, and one table spoon of heavy cream with half a tea spoon of sugar, some salt and pepper in a large bowl. Toss the lettuce into the bowl, spinkle with the dices plum and apricot and the pistachios. Add the fried chicken! Makes 2 servings! Tatstes best with a few slices of baguette!

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