Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meals on wheels - Part III

Allrighty, this is the final wrap up of our wonderful vacation in Coastal California. We are slowly but steadily approaching San Francisco now. So, ok, technically, we have already been in San Francisco (Humphrey Slocombe) in last week's post. But today, there is even more! 
First, there is the Swanton Berry Farm! It's about an hour south of San Francisco and they grow all kinds of berries, though it clearly was strawberry season when we were there: endless rows of strawberries all the way to the horizon and back! The berries are organic, and you just grab a small basket and walk through the fields, picking as many strawberries as you like. They also sell strawberry shortcake, jam, chocolate covered strawberries and a really nice crunchy breakfast cereal with strawberry flakes of which I had to get a box to take home with me. Be an honest person when you visit the place though: there is no one behind the counter - the cash register sits right on top of the counter and you pay and take out your change voluntarely.

Now, we truly really are in San Francisco, and right in the touristy heart of it - Fisherman's wharf. I know, the place is too touristy to really be cool, but whatever you think of the place, you just gotta love Boudin's turtle-shaped sourdough bread. Since I was too busy taking photos, I forgot to buy one and so I can't really say anything about the taste.

And the markets! Can you by now tell, that I am really into farmers' markets?? I really can't remember where I took this picture, but I sure like it a lot. It was somewhere  near the water, or else the sailing boats in the background would be flying in the air.

And last but not least, migth this be the store where Ban Ki-moon goes grocery shopping when in San Francisco?

copyrigth of all photos j.

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