Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meals on wheels - Part II

Enough of the lovely farmers' markets and picnics - today, I'll share some of my favorite restaurants, cafés, and fast-food places we enjoyed on our trip through Coastal California!

First evening in LA, really jetlagged and tired, and all we wanted was some really greasy fast food to stuff our faces with! In-n-Out Burger it was, and yes, their burgers do taste way better than McDs, let alone BKs! Plus, you just gotta love the little palm trees on their paper cups. Oh, and silly me of course fell for the 'thank you' sign in retro style...

Now, a bit further up the coast in Ojai lies a true gem when it comes to tasty Italian food. Sure, pizze and pasta taste best in Italy, but Boccali's is as good as it can get in the beautiful valley of Ojai! Boccali's serves delicious pizza, pasta and tomato salad, for which they use tomatos and herbs which they grow in their own garden. If you get the chance to eat there, drink a freshly squeezed orange juice with it - so fresh, sweet and cheap, you just want more and more and more! We did not only enjoy the food, but also the scenery, as the restaurant sits on a quiet street in the middle of orange orchards and the beautiful garden with paper lanterns in the trees makes you want to stay there for ever. Also, make sure to buy some of their oranges, grapefruits or avocados which they offer on a small road stall - 5 $ for an entire bag? They got to be kidding!

Next, I have a really great breakfast-option for you! Drive up Highway 1 all the way to Pismo Beach, a really weird small town which - sorry 'bout that, all you people living there - does not have that much beauty to offer. BUT they do have a small café where you can get big, yummy, delicious cinnamon rolls with all kinds of different toppings- almonds, pecans, raisins, you name it! So, when in Pismo, stop at the Old West Cinnamon Rolls on Dolliver Street, get a cinnamon roll and an iced coffee to go (the place might not look like their coffee would be good, but trust me, it was one of the best I have ever had!), then, get back into your car and drive along the coast, stop at any of the scenic picnic tables, and enjoy a delicious breakfast in the sun! Can you say yummy?

Lastly, there is Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco, the ice cream-maker who has already been praised in other food bloggs. But, to tell you the truth, I was more than disappointed with the place. I really, really really looked forward to try their Foie Gras ice cream, but I was out of luck - they didn't have it on that particular day. So, instead, I did what I always do when I try new places: I tried the most simple flavors, as their quality usually is a good indicator of the rest. So, I took one scoop of Maple Walnut, and one scoop of Tahitian Vanilla, and to tell you the truth, I couldn't find anything special or extraordinary about the ice cream (plus, as in all the other ice cream places in the US, the scoops are just tooo big - less is better). It tasted, well, like regular ice cream. But maybe I am just spoiled rotten because I can eat the ice cream of "Vanille und Marille" every day, if I so wish, and their ice cream alone would be a reason to visit Berlin!

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Stay tuned for more Meals on wheels next week, and, let me remind you, this is a small, layperson's blog and in no way was I compensated for linking to people's pages - alas, how I wish I was though!

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