Sunday, July 18, 2010

Strawberry Cappuccino from Göteborg

Now, folks and friends, beloved strawberry-eaters, take a seat. And now stand up again because this recipe really deserves standing ovations! I know that I quite often declare food to be "the best" or "the ultimate", maybe even "the one and only". But in this case, all these exaggerations are true, for this really is the best strawberry recipe ever. And that's ever as in forever-ever! My Dad had this dessert at a restaurant in Göteborg, Sweden and found it to be so amazing that he asked for the recipe, which the proud chef refused to share. Fortunatley for you, me and the rest of the world, my Dad experimented in the kitchen until he not only had figured out all the different ingredients, but also their ratio! Now, all that sounds really complicated, but actually, it is one of the most simple dessert and soo refreshing after a hot summer day!
I had my dad write down the recipe into my magic book, that is a handwritten, custom made cookbook from my parents and although I know the recipe by heart by now, I checked it before I wrote down the recipe here. I really had to laugh, because my Dad had written down the recipe for 10 persons! I guess he knows that it only serves five, though, because everyone will want a second serving!

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Strawberry Cappuccino from Göteborg - My Dad's recipe

500 gr of strawberries
100 ml of Muscadet wine
ca. 80 gr of confectioner's sugar (more or less, depending on how sweet your strawberries are)
juice of 1 lime or 1/2 lemon
5 scoops of vanilla icecream
whipped cream

Cut all the strawberries into small pieces, set 200 gr aside. Mix 300 gr of the strawberries with the confectioner's sugar, the lime/lemon juice and the Muscadet wine in a blender until smooth. Whip the cream with some sugar. Now, take five glasses and assemble the cappuccinos: Add one scoop of vanilla ice cream to each glass, then divide the strawberry-pieces which you set aside between the glasses. Pour the strawberry-wine-sauce on and top everything off with a nice dollop of whipped cream. Sprinkle with a good amount of cinnamon, it adds a whole lot of depth and character to the dessert!
Serves 5 people (or 2,5 if they want a second serving!). You can pepare everything in advance, which is nice if you want to serve several courses. For those who don't like alcohol, you can just leave it out, no substitute is needed, and the dessert is equally tasty- I know from experience! One last insider tip: bring the cinnamon along to the table, you will want more once you scraped off the first layer!


  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Da ist es endlich, das heißbegehrte Rezept! Danke! :) Nun muss ich es nur noch schnell ausprobieren, bevor es keine Erdbeeren mehr gibt :)

  2. your dad must be a foodie!

  3. T and I just tried this out as a test for our next supperclub - it's definitely going on the menu. Full credit will be given to Schlachtplatte and her foodie father :-)

    Thanks for suggesting I try it - the combination is so much more impressive than you might expect from the constituent parts.

  4. So glad you liked it! Whenever my sister is visiting during strawberry season, she demands we eat strawberry cappucino for dessert- sometimes even days in a row!
    Let me know what the guests thought of it!

  5. We served it on Friday - a great success. Every glass came back empty. Thanks again for the recipe.