Sunday, June 20, 2010

Size does matter

I do like coffee, preferably with milk, sugar and icecubes. But my true love is tea. I come from a tea-drinking family, where coffee was something reserved for guests. When I moved to another town to study, I started to drink tea out of a really big cup. It was white and had a rooster on the side. On the inside, it said "Save your breath to cool your porridge". Need I say that I was in love with my tea cup? I still find it puzzling that I broke that cup into pieces one morning after having dreamt that it was broken. From that moment on, I started to believe. In coincidence...
After a couple of months of grief and no replacement in sight, it was my sister who brought back the tea-cup joy into my life. She gave me a huge blue tea cup, a tea cup that holds so much tea, some even refer to it as a bucket. Of course, it can't replace my rooster cup, but I love it dearly and already fear the night that I will dream that it will break, too.
As I drink a lot of tea, I like to alternate. Here is my version of black vanilla tea. 

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Black Vanilla Tea

mild black tea leaves
one vanilla bean  (scratched out, prepare the tea whenever you just made a cake that requires the vanilla)

Put the leaves and the scratched-out vanilla bean into a jar. After one week, the tea is ready to use. You can even cut up the vanilla bean into little pieces that you mix with the tea leaves. That way, you will actually pour hot water over the tea leaves and the vanilla.
It makes delicous, lightly scented tea which you can drink warm, but also as ice tea.
To go with the tea, I recommend my lemon cookies.


  1. I drink Tea every morning (PG Tips) out of a huge white cup that my girl friends all signed one year for my birthday. It would be devastating to break it. So I fully understand.
    Great idea with the vanilla bean in the tea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ My kitchen in the rockies: Isn't it weird how we can get attached to tea cups?? Long live our tea cups!

  3. I do miss the promised strawberry-cino here ;)

  4. @ Anonymous: Funny how a strawberry-cino can suddenly turn into vanilla tea, isn't it? Sorry for not keeping my promise, but trust me, the recipe will come up here one of these Sundays... In the meantime, check your inbox for a preview of the recipe...